Jeroen Witvliet

" These days remind me of others " , M.Milne

" It is not often, but sometimes these demons are the paint and the painted" , R.K.

" Seventeen steps and three jumps. We know we had reached the ice flow when the sounds we had heard earlier became a feverish pitch underneath our hurting feet. I could not wait to let my memories become the blanket for the night"

G.Sardoni from The Ostrich and the last stand, 2014

"Was it the sound or the skin, either way nobody ever touched its surface again"

G.Sardoni from The Ostrich and the last stand, 2014

"In an interview you once said that you did not believe this kind of work might be worth continuing in the face of all the seriousness that surrounds it. Can you please tell me more about this seemingly odd statement ? R. then brought her face closer to mine and almost inaudibly uttered one line of words.'

Dennis Waltz from Never Mind the Mind,1998

" That first meeting led me to believe that there was indeed more to the appearance then previously thought."

J.Klez from The last orchard, 1956

"Complete and utter failure of the image, take another one. A sip that is"

Marianne S. Trest from The hotel guest, 2013