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In search of the Miraculous (3)
In search of the Miraculous (3)
oil on canvas
20 x 25 cm

In search of,

A series of small paintings portraying shipwrecked sailboats.

These paintings explore the physical act of setting sail on the oceans with the help of the elements while at the same time exploring the struggles we face as individuals and as humanity to keep going, to make the right decisions, to be in a place of wonder while the world seems to be irreversibly changing.

Images of sailboats stranded are painted with the emphasis on light and dark as well as on the materiality of the paint. Details are of lesser concern even though when seen from some distance everything is clear and assuming the shape of the objects represented, only to fall into disarray when seen up close.

The small scale of the paintings speaks of intimacy, contrasting the wide open oceans where the small hull and living quarters have endured many challenges before succumbing to a course set by the wind and tide, the waves and currents.

Seeing the vessels beached allows me to see the endurance and willingness to explore, find strength in how we challenge ourselves and in their silent surrender represent hope in the face of disaster. These moments are only stations temporarily reached before setting off again.