Jeroen Witvliet

"On her way to visit friends, She noticed something even she thought to be a little odd. A man carrying a kitchen table chair, old and full of character ( both the man and the chair), down the train station and heading towards the train. Looking through the window She could see the chair was rather heavy, the man was bent heavily to one side to compensate for the weight of the chair on the other side of his body. Since the train would leave in 3 minutes the man needed to hurry up. He walked or rather dragged himself and the chair so very slowly towards the train that time became louder for everyone observing him. She thought a turtle would have won this race".

"How can one create an image, a film, poetry, literature or any form of expression that acknowledges and shows the ephemeral quality of the world, our individuality and community. We make an attempt to make sense of a fragmented reality and find, at times, belonging and the poetic waiting, if only for a split second".