Jeroen Witvliet

“A prophecy is like looking into the future, said William. You predict what will happen because you know it, you feel it. It makes you a prophet”. This sounded like magic to Jonathan, who could hardly imagine what the afternoon would look like since he was not in the least interested to know what it would look like. He liked what was happening now, a play date with William and they were building bunkers from cardboard boxes. For as William had said the great war would begin. At least they were safe and was that a prophecy or William just making up the future ? If so he was hanging out with a prophet, sounded as cool as hanging out with a transformer. Alas, William would not change into something else. Sometimes he sort of did when he was angry with his mum, when she would tell him to come home at a certain time or when he was over at their place to clean up his mess. Then he could became like a raging bull, something Jonathan's papa would say when he happened to witness the outbursts. He did not at all change into a bull but somehow Jonathan understood why his papa would say this. William did sound like one for sure at these moments, it was highly entertaining to Jonathan who was a very quiet boy who never got angry. With William you could almost at times see the steam coming from his nostrils. All that was missing was the nose ring. “So, we shall defend against our enemies by building trenches and laser guns. We shall be invincible !” And William climbed up onto the table and stood there like the man from the movie Jonathan had seen a few nights ago. All that was missing was the wind blowing William's long hair violently about and thunder and lightning. Of course it did not last long since William's mum was not impressed when she walked in right at the moment he was getting ready to leap over enemy lines into uncharted territories. “What are you doing on the table? Get down now !” William being the boy he was immediately went on the defense. Mother had became the other side, to be defeated. “ I am trying to win a war !, you shall have me captured and the world be destroyed !, I need to stand on this mountain and jump into enemy territory. Victory shall be ours !” All Jonathan could think was how much trouble William would get into now. But before things got out of hand more, William slipped and landed on his bud on the table top. His mother gave him a look like the generals would have done when they realized the battle was lost due to their leader being a mad monkey. She turned around and left the room. William was fine. The prophet was indeed a transformer since he now looked like a sad puppy who was told not to eat the cats kibble.