Jeroen Witvliet

Within my practice I attempt to find what lies beyond that of what we can speak or can define. It is through the practice of creating responses in visuals and writing that I am hoping to stumble across a different way to make a connection with reality, to go beyond the immediacy of the first encounter and explore the realm that opens up when focusing more intently and repeatedly on a contemporary encounter. By linking these encounters to history, uncertainty of memory, notions of truth, power, dominance and manipulation, ideas about futures possible, I believe the unfathomable might become present. Using architectural structures, such as greenhouses, a narrative and recognition might emerge that speaks of a period of incubation. Time moving forward, growing ideas and images . Fertile ground present for either positive creation or the emergence of destructive ideas and forces. For me, memory drives many of the images that I create. An acute awareness of the shifting moments, a historical, present and future uncertainty combined with a desire to understand human relations from the complicated specificity of a cultural background create doubt and questions our ability to remember and connect fully to ourselves, society, time and history. The day to day flow of observation, reaction and reflection, linking multiple pasts into the contemporary leads me to stubbornly embrace that which could be called the Poetic. Having a keen interest in how narrative has been applied to visuals throughout history and art history, I have more recently been working on a series that investigates how spectator-ship and participation are interchangeable in the blink of an eye.